Annunciator Panels

Paramount Panels, in close cooperation with the aerospace industry, have developed the technology and processes to enable the integration of sun-light-readable annunciators/Indicators employing LED’s into their range of illuminated panels.

Annunciator Panels

Keyboard Panel with Integral Annunciators  Annunciator and Indicator Display Panels

The benefits of this advancement include a significant increase in reliability compared with components using incandescent filaments, savings in weight and cost and a reduction in overall envelope size.

Annunciator Panels  Annunciator Panel

Our integrated sun light readable annunciators is a similar technology as employed in our automobiles, typically the oil-warning lamp, therefore it’s not seen unless lit.

  • No increase of overall panel thickness
  • Option for multi-indicators within the same application package
  • Laminated Construction (Total flat finish eliminating the need for window inserts)
  • Secret until lit (dead front) option
  • Symbols, text or single colour indicators can be incorporated, or a combination.
  • Night vision compatible versions available, meeting the requirements of MIL-STD-3009 and MIL-DTL-7788H
  • Can be incorporated in all panel types, including Tactile Keyboards.
  • Luminance variation curve of the LED annunciators can be matched to other lighting systems within the application, i.e. Incandescent. Therefore, mixed lighting technologies can be utilised within the panel assembly.
  • Sunlight readable, MIL-S-22885, MIL-S-38039
  • Low power consumption compared to traditional incandescent lamp technology
  • Circuitry configured for lighting redundancy.
  • Master Caution/Warning Panels
  • Integrated auto dimming facility if required.
  • Contact the factory for advice and further information.

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Annunciator Panels