Integrated Switch Panels

Integrated Tactile Switch Panels and BezelsResulting from the expertise developed in the fields of lighting and switching technology during our long association with the Aerospace, Defence and Commercial Industries. Paramount Panels is able to supply a comprehensive range of panel systems with integrated switches.

These are custom designed and manufactured in close association with the customer to produce the optimum solution to your requirement, however due to our extensive experience we can also offer standard design solutions which are aimed to reduce costs.

PPIUK Integrated Key Switch Panels

  Integrated Key Switch PanelsIntegrated Key Switch Panel

PPIUK integrated key switch panels employ “state of the art” Panel and Switch techniques and provide total packages which satisfy the stringent environmental and operating requirements of major Military and Aerospace specifications, including relevant portions of MIL-DTL-7788H (Formally SAE AS 7788 & MIL-P-7788).

NVG Compatible Integrated Switch Panels

Key Cap - Integrated Switch Panels  Integrated Switch Panel

PPIUK Integrated Switch Panels are front sealed against the ingress of dust and moisture and incorporate high reliability switch components providing positive tactile and audible feed-back. Control and Switch functions may be identified by means of illuminated caps with panel text, and a variety of optional lighting sources being available for this purpose, these being Light Emitting Diodes (LED), incandescent and electroluminescent (EL).

Where appropriate LED and incandescent panels are designed and configured to accommodate lighting redundancy.

NVG Compatible Integrated Tactile Switch Panels and Bezels  NVG Compatible Key Switch Panel

All of these lighting options are available in NVG compatible form, meeting the requirements of MIL-STD-3009 & MIL-L-85762.

Optional Features Include:

  • Assemblies using discrete switching sub-assemblies
  • EMC screening and integrated front windows
  • Integrated optical diodes for auto dimming
  • Integral Annunciators, including sunlight readable and secret until lit options, meeting MIL-PRF-22885
  • Total package design and manufacture capability, including integration of associated components and wiring
  • Standard key cap designs available
  • Switch guards, to avoid accidental operation of keys
  • Slim designs, substrate materials, Aluminium, polycarbonate and Aerospace grade Acrylics
  • All applicable Switch forces and key travel available

Our extensive R&D and model Shop facilities, operating in close association with our Design Department, ensure the speedy and economical manufacture of prototypes, while a combination of CAD/CAM, CNC machining along with computerised light balance and laser etching guarantees the highest quality competitively priced manufacture of production units.

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Integrated Switch Panels