LED Illuminated Panels

LED SMT Illuminated Information Lighting Panels

LED Illuminated Lighting Panel

  • Low power consumption
  • Long life solid state reliability
  • Low surface temperature rise
  • Compatible versions for Night vision use (NVIS)

Paramount Panels is a leading lighting supplier with over 50 years of experience in the Defence, Aerospace, and Communications Markets.

LED Illuminated Bezel Panel The choice of LED’s in a Surface Mount configuration enables panels for Aerospace and Military applications to be manufactured in accordance with the requirements of MIL-DTL-7788 (Formally SAE AS7788) for Type VII panels.

In applications where extended life, reliability or limited power consumption are significant factors, LED’s may present a useful alternative to more conventional systems of lighting such as incandescent filament lamps.

LED SMT Illuminated Information Lighting Panels 

  • Low power consumption compared to traditional incandescent lamp technology
  • Long life solid state reliability
  • Low surface temperature rise
  • Compatible with night vision systems when additional filters are utilised, meeting the requirements of MIL STD 3009, MIL-L-85762A and MIL-DTL-7788
  • PPIUK LED SMT Technology can be incorporated into our complete range of panel products, including Tactile Keyboards, and can also be used in many other lighting applications.
  • Luminance variation curve of an LED illuminated panel can be matched to other lighting systems, i.e. Incandescent. Therefore, mixed lighting technologies can be utilised within the application.
  • Integral Secret-until-lit annunciators/indicators with sunlight readability can be incorporated.
  • Contact the factory for advice and further information; we are here to serve you.

Power Supply 5V DC or AC 28V DC or AC 115V Other voltages can be catered for

Illumination Colour

All standard LED colours can be used, i.e. White, Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, & Amber. Along with IPL Red, IPL White and NVIS compatible.

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LED SMT Information Panels