NVIS Panels

Paramount Panels UK capabilities in designing and manufacturing illuminated control panels meeting the requirements for night vision compatibility is one of our key specialities, and our dedicated team of engineers and product managers can help and give free advice with any requirements that you may have.

NVIS Illuminated Panels

NVIS Illuminated Display PanelsNVIS Illuminated Panel DisplaysNVIS Illuminated Display Panels

Our product range covers all types of NVG compatible control panels, and meets the stringent specifications covering NVIS lighting, including:

  • MIL-DTL-7788
  • SAE AS 7788
  • MIL-STD-3009
  • MIL-L-85762

NVIS Compatible Cockpit Panels

NVIS Compatible Cockpit Panels - Saturn Yellow NVIS panel  NVIS Compatible Cockpit Panels

In conjunction to our illuminated panel ranges (Class 1, NVIS Green A), we also produce a comprehensive range of NVG Compatible lighting devices, which have been developed to satisfy the diverse requirements, associated with cockpit conversions and new installations. These include Pillar/Post lights, lighting Bridge Assemblies, instrument lighting Bezels and indicator lights.

Our compliance to NVIS standards can be demonstrated and reported using our in house Radiospectrometer, and our other comprehensive range of test equipment.

We also can integrate annunciators or indicators within the panel design with independent circuits, where their illumination being controlled from the panel lighting circuit board, Type VII. Where these annunciators are sunlight readable meeting the requirements of MIL-PRF-22885G, and MIL-STD-3009. All NVIS Colours that can be utilised, and even text within the annunciator window can be incorporated as secret until lit characters.

Our range of NVIS products are in service with many Military and Civil services, including police and security forces, around the world.
And platforms include:
Chinook, Lynx, Bell 214, 412, Sea King, 109E, Super Puma, Puma, Tiger, MRH90, C130, Tornado, F5, F18, Jaguar, etc, etc.

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